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Colour: Bright and lively gold. Nose: Without water: Exquisite delicacy of summer-like fragrances. Playful interlacing of floral and fruity aromas. Fresh juicy Chasselas grape, ripe pear, soft apples and a sensuius touch of exotic fruit(candied pineapple). White lilac. Honeyed blossom(acacia). It opens in time on creamier and richer notes: stewed greegages, ripe apricots, vanilla creme anglaise, a hint of marshmallow. Oak tenderly enhances that exciting bouquet with more vanilla notes and nutty hints. An echo of toasted oats. Soft spices. Green cardamom, touch of caraway seeds. With Water: Fruity sweetness and oaky tones are brought forward. Cherry plum flan, More toasted notes. Vanilla waffle. Touch of jasmine Palate Without Water: Silky feel, flowing on the tongue. Smooth and sweet fruit basket(white peaches, pears poached in vanilla syrup, a hing of pineapple juice) Honeyed flowers. Almond biscuits With water: More honeyed floral notes shine through while spices are toned down. Minty maltiness Finish: Nutty, Marzipan. Fresh hazelnuts. Spicy. Fresh grated ginger.
Dogs welcome with well behaved owners on a lead!
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